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Smile Stretch

Dentures are preferred by patients who have lost a significant number of their natural teeth. When a large number of teeth are removed, oral functionality and aesthetics would be affected significantly. But, dentures would restore both these aspects, allowing you to smile with confidence, bite and chew food as you always did, and make your jaws appear fuller.


What are dentures made from?


Dentures are most made from dental-grade ceramic and biocompatible acrylic. The prosthetic teeth are made from dental-grade ceramic, as they can be customized to match the exact aesthetics of natural teeth. Acrylic is used to mimic the appearance of the gums and hold the prosthetic teeth together. A metal framework may be used to hold the dentures in shape and keep them from warping.


What are partial dentures?


Conventional dentures replace all the teeth in your mouth. But, partial dentures can be fabricated as required to replace only a few selected teeth. For instance, assume a patient having ten missing teeth wished to get them replaced using dentures. However, their remaining teeth are healthy and intact. Hence, we will fabricate dentures in such a way that the prosthetic teeth would sit perfectly alongside the existing natural teeth, thus giving you a complete smile.


Why should you choose dentures?


Dentures are removable restorations. They can be taken off whenever you have to go to bed, clean your mouth, or clean the dentures.


Dentures are custom-fabricated to match the size and contour of your natural teeth. This gives you a flawless smile that you can flaunt confidently.


Dentures allow you to bite and chew food effectively. They also restore your phonetics to normal.


Since dentures are personalized according to the contour of your jaw ridges, they would offer perfect fit and comfort. This keeps them from slipping off when you talk, laugh, or yawn.


Partial dentures would be the perfect solution for patients to replace a set of missing teeth but still have a good number of them intact. This allows them to preserve their natural teeth.

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