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Dentures are one of the most useful oral prosthetics, as they bring about a drastic change to the oral functionality and aesthetics of the patient. They are used to restore a large number of teeth, which would be complicated using dental implants or bridges. Although conventional dentures are used to replace all the teeth in your mouth, partial dentures are used to restore only a few missing teeth while retaining the adjoining natural teeth.


What are flexible partial dentures?


Conventional dentures are made from a combination of acrylic and ceramic. They are quite rigid and could crack or break on impact. An ingenious solution to this concern is fabricating dentures from thermoplastic nylon resin - a flexible material that offers properties similar to ceramic or metal dentures.


What are the advantages of flexible partial dentures?


Since these dentures are made from flexible thermoplastic material, they can be manipulated as required to offer highly comfortable dentures.


They are significantly lighter compared to conventional dentures.


They offer an excellent fit, keeping them from getting displaced.


They feel quite comfortable in the mouth, much like the natural teeth. Patients say that biting or chewing food with them feels similar to doing it with natural teeth.


They offer seamless aesthetics, as they can be personalized to mimic the appearance of the natural teeth.


The dentures can cover a receding gum line, thereby giving you a fuller smile.


They are relatively easy to maintain.

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