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Acrylic partial dentures consist of the prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic base plate. They provide good stability and control due to the denture fitting closely and tightly against the gums and natural teeth and the use of wrought metal retainers to hold the teeth. Acrylic dentures provide a metal-free design, making them ideal when implants and bridges are not an option. They help fill in the gaps left by missing teeth.


Why should you opt for acrylic dentures?


Acrylic dentures give an aesthetic look and restore the natural appearance of the patient's smile.


It is very affordable and hence will not be a burden to the patient economically.


They are easy to maintain as they do not absorb odors and stains.

They are easier to remove and reline.


It can also serve as a temporary option before opting for a permanent denture.


Steps involved in getting acrylic partial dentures


The hygienist first takes an impression of the gums. This step involves placing wax rims inside the mouth to establish a proper bite and orientation of the teeth. The wax impressions are then sent to the lab. Once the mock teeth are molded and prepared, they are tried on the patient to check for the color, look and fit of the patient's mouth. This is done so that the hygienist can carry out any alterations according to the patient's requirement. When the mock fit of the denture is approved, it is sent to the lab for the final casting of the denture.


After the dentures are created, they are tried and fitted to the mouth of the patient. They are attached by metal implements to the existing teeth. If the dentures are found to be uncomfortable or not fitting as expected, they are adjusted until they offer the perfect fit. The processed denture is then fitted in by the hygienist into the patient's mouth, and adjustments are made according to the fit and bite of the patient. The hygienist would give suitable instructions to make sure the dentures are cared well.

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