Metal Partial Dentures in Phoenix, AZ

Metal Partial Dentures in Phoenix, AZ

Metal partial dentures are a durable solution to counter tooth loss. These dentures contain a custom-made metal framework where the metal teeth are fixed. The metal framework enables the partial denture to be lighter, stronger, and cover less of the gums so that it feels more natural and helps preserve the remaining natural teeth. This denture has a metal base, usually made from an alloy containing cobalt and chrome. This combination of metals makes these dentures quite firm and much lighter to wear. They provide a permanent solution for tooth loss, which can last for a longer duration with proper care.

Advantages of metal dentures:

  • Metal dentures are long-lasting as compared to the other alternatives.
  • They provide extra strength to the existing teeth.
  • They feel more natural to wear due to their minimal weight.
  • They allow you the option of going for additional teeth without having to remake the entire set.
  • There is increased comfort as the metal dentures can be more accurately contoured to an individual's mouth.
  • They provide a more supportive fit as cast metal dentures have clasps to hold them in place.
  • The overall hygiene of the mouth can be easily maintained as the rigid metal frame covers less of the mouth's tissues.

The procedure involved in metal dentures

During the initial visit, your hygienist will take an impression of your gums. This involves placing wax rims in the mouth to establish a proper bite and orientation of the teeth. The wax impressions are then sent to a dental lab. This is followed by the dental lab sending a mock-up of your denture, which includes premade plastic teeth set in wax to make sure of the color, look, and fit of the denture. This is done so that any alterations can be carried out to the dentures if the patient is not satisfied.

Once the fit is finalized, the mock denture is sent to the lab to create the final denture. The lab then processes the premade teeth into a hardcore metal base. The next step involves the hygienist fixing the dentures and making the adjustments according to the fit and the bite of the patient. The patient may be required to return to the dental practice if they experience sore spots or any other issues to have the dentures adjusted accordingly.

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