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Alejandra Torres

Alejandra has been in the dental field for 20 years, first as an assistant and now for almost ten years as a Dental Hygienist. Her mission is to educate people to have a healthy and beautiful mouth. She says that our mouth is the most important part of our body, with which we laugh, communicate, eat, kiss and smile That is why it should be healthy, beautiful, and fresh. Alejandra says that the office is her second home and her colleagues and patients are like her family. So she makes an effort every day to create new and better experiences.

Alejandra has been on several mission trips and volunteers at local mission organizations. She believes that participating in medical missionary organizations is a great opportunity to meet new people, whether providers or patients. There is always an opportunity to learn something new and to educate someone new. She loves concerts, spending time with family and friends.  She also loves to travel and learn about different cultures and traditions.


Dr. Abraham Abaie graduated from Long Branch University, New Jersey. His 26 years of experience, have to lead him to excellence in his work, he gives each patient the necessary time to listen and understand what they want as well as to explain and give treatment options. Dr. Abaie's main passion is love for his family and the Lord Jesus Christ, for which he treats each patient as if they were a family member.





My name is Carmen Diaz and I'm from Bogota, Columbia. I came to the United States ten years ago along with my family.

I enjoy new challenges, working hard, and using my talents and abilities to help others. I am able to do this in my position as a dental assistant at Esparanza Dental Clinic. I like to make our patients feel at home the moment they walk in our door. Quite simply, I treat them with great respect and dignity to make their experience with us a positive one.

I love to dance to our salsa music, share time with friends and familyand I have a wonderful Husky named Oreo whom I love so much. I also enjoy traveling and becoming more aware of other cultures and the diversity of a common human experience.


Passionate about helping others and using my skills as a dental assistant to provide the best service to our patients at Esperanza Dental Clinic. This allows our patients to be more comfortable when we provide them with quality oral care. My caring attitude translates into a positive experience for our patients.  I love to spend time with my son, enjoy good food and music, and give my all to others.

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