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Welcome to Esperanza Dental Clinic at 321 W. Hatcher Road, suite 108, Phoenix, AZ 85021

At Esperanza we want to serve with our heart ♥ & help people who come to us with different needs, desires or dental questions. Our goal is to prevent pain, to have an optimal function and a beautiful mouth to eat, talk and laugh out loud.

Improve your image and your well being by keeping your mouth healthy. We provide dental health care for the entire family, and we offer you free checkups and second opinions, plus a variety of other promotions and our in-house dental plan. You will feel as part of our family in our state of the art facility.

We accept most insurance plans. Our goal is to provide professional, complete, and affordable dental solutions for each of our patients in a relaxing and comfortable environment..

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One of the team members will be available after hours to answer any dental questions or to book the appointment. Feel free to call us at (602) 368-4050



The root canal cavity is at the center of every tooth and holds the pulp. The pulp consists of blood vessels that provide nourishment to the tooth and nerves that ...

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Flexible Partial Dentures

Dentures are one of the most useful oral prosthetics, as they bring about a drastic change to the oral functionality and aesthetics of the patient. They are used to restore ...

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Every year, millions of dollars are said to be spent by patients on treating malocclusion. It is because malocclusion is such a common oral concern among individuals of all ages. ...

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General cleanings and deep cleanings

General Cleanings Oral cleaning is a crucial preventive measure all individuals must take to ensure a healthier oral cavity. Although we may brush and floss our teeth thoroughly twice a ...

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Crowns and Bridges

Do you often look at your uneven smile in the mirror and wish you had a better-looking one? Dentistry not only aims at helping you maintain optimum oral hygiene but ...

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A dental veneer is a ceramic restoration used to restore teeth that are broken, chipped, worn out, or discolored. It is a wafer-thin piece of porcelain that is customized to ...

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Dental Implants

The advancements in the field of dentistry over the past few decades has brought so much to the table. Among all the innovations, one particular tooth restoration that stands out ...

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Do you feel you could have had a better-looking smile every time you look at yourself in the mirror? Not all of us may be lucky enough to have that ...

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Acrylic Partial Dentures

Acrylic partial dentures consist of the prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic base plate. They provide good stability and control due to the denture fitting closely and tightly against the ...

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Full Dentures

Dentures are preferred by patients who have lost a significant number of their natural teeth. When a large number of teeth are removed, oral functionality and aesthetics would be affected ...

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Metal Partial Dentures

Metal partial dentures are a durable solution to counter tooth loss. These dentures contain a custom-made metal framework where the metal teeth are fixed. The metal framework enables the partial ...

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What our patients are saying...

"oh my GOD! walking in faith and now by sight thank u GOD for esperanza dental who helped mold me back a confident me to great the world i meet with a SMILE no longer do i have to hide my smile! thank you esperanza doctor and 3: 4 make the most welcoming comfortable happy dream come true. AMEN"

"Thank you Esperanza Dental Clinic. I have been afraid of dentists and dental clinics my entire life. But you have made it so easy and so caring and comfortable to come to see you. You are always so gentle in your treatments I now come every three months for a dental cleaning and it is improved m..."

"BE CAREFUL WITH THIS CLINIC DISQUE... I'm so sorry I trusted them, they made me a bad root canal that was supposed to last 10 years or more. That's what they told me when I went, that I could last my whole life smoothly! . 3 years ago I paid 1600 dlls to save my tooth and this year I almost died ..."

"I had not been to the dentist for a while, had lost a cap on my tooth. I chose them because they were close, but little did I know they truly turned out to be the best dental experience I have had. I continued on with the recommendations of getting my teeth back in order, they took away the fea..."

"your service. attention and prestige, kindness, and very human."

"Excellent service, the very friendly staff.. Thank you very much Alejandra for your attention and excellent work I was delighted with you.. 💯recomendada.. Dental Esperanza 🙏"

"I had a wonderful experience with the staff and the doctor I plan on making this my permanent go to for dentistry I highly recommend them"

"a unique service.... Excellent dentist.!!!!!!"

"This is a very clean facility and professional staff they make you fell welcome. other clinics always want you to spend on what you don't really need."

"Staff and dentist treated me like family! Gentle dentist and very friendly staff. Awesome experience there today"

"Best highlights were the genuine staff."

"The best dentist I have ever been to.This is from a person with a high anxiety about going to the dentist.I almost fell asleep in the chair.If you need to go the Dentist this is the place to go."

"Of course, if I recommend them and in close eyes because they are a 100 % reliable team, excellent in their area and if we talk about costs, they are the best in the market. Keep it up."

"Amazing staff and great dental cleanings always found here!"

"Excellent service and unbeatable attention. I wish and keep it up always."

"The environment is very friendly and inviting and the staff make you feel like family. Their service is 2nd to none!"

"Been going here for about a year or so I'm only 19 and they understand I do and pay for everything on my own and they worked out a great payment plan for me ❤️"

"Had not been to the dentist in over 10 years was suffering from unreal dental pain turned out I needed a couple thousand dollars in work they worked with what I had put me on a great payment plan and got me scheduled the following day I was taken care of they got me in and out in less than 2 h..."

"When my crown fell off they were able to fit me in immediately. They are always prompt in answering my inquiries."

"I want to thank the great staff and Dr. Gomez for their patients with me... I have extreme anxiety about the dentist and when I go in there they are aware and make me as comfortable as they can.. with soothing music, stress oils to rub on my wrist and for me to smell, they even give me a stress b..."

"I'm so grateful to hope professionals Dantal Clinic, we had excellent care. God bless you."

"Alejandra worked at my dental office and is by far THE BEST hygienest I have ever known!! Love her to death.."

"Alejandra is one of the most gentle and professional hygienist ive met. I love it when she cleans my teeth."

"Mrs Alejandra I wish all the success of the world we are in horgullo ispano"

"Congratulations on your new local Alejandra Torres, hope to visit soon."


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